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Hey Everyone, haven’t used my Medium page in a while, but I did want to give a bit of an update since this is still part of my broader —
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I still want to keep this page available for longer-form higher-stakes publishing, but do feel that the Medium platform is a little bit heavier, a place for corporate blogs and well-researched theses. I will come back here eventually for the big stuff, when the time comes.

So with that in mind, for the smaller stuff, last year I actually started a personal Substack — as…

Colin’s Mailbag, June 2019

I asked the Philippine startup and crypto communities for mailbag-style questions pertaining to cryptocurrencies, startups, technical talent, and more.

If you have any questions for a future mailbag, feel free to ask them in the comments here or Tweet them to me directly (@Goltra) — thanks!

Which Philippine jobs/industries are most “at risk” due to tech, say, in the next decade? What kind of jobs will disappear/are disappearing? What skills should Filipinos be learning?

(via Gio T. on Twitter)

While job automation (and, *groan*, “the future of work” 🙄) is a high-complexity issue, I think the somewhat naive approach when exploring job automation is to immediately look at what work is currently being done manually (and/or thoughtlessly) and to assume that a robot should replace that chore. While…

On Hard Fork Culture, the Risk-Taking Generation, Ethereum’s Battle Ahead

As we move on from a tumultuous year for crypto, I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon what takeaways I’m bringing into the coming year. While I’ve learned better than to make predictions, I thought it might still be valuable to speak to what I observed in 2018 and what I intend to watch most closely in 2019. This is my fifth year in the space now (my third gigantic market correction), so I have learned a lot of the bear market, price-focused lessons the hard way from prior years, so will try to avoid those here!

Hard Fork Subculture Inevitably Leads to Further Hard Forks


Colin’s Mailbag, July 2018

Last month, I told the crypto community (primarily here in the Philippines🇵🇭) that I wanted to start a mailbag-style blog and asked for questions that people might have pertaining to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, startup ecosystems, team building, and anything else they might be wondering.

I got some awesome questions for this first mailbag post and I’ve tried to answer the ones I think I can be most helpful/insightful with here. …

Colin Goltra

Speculator || Growing crypto markets & infrastructure in SE Asia @Binance 🔶🌊 || Filipino crypto ecosystem with #CryptoPH || Neophyte #CryptoArt Collector

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